“Think of it like a path in the woods. You are both headed in the same direction, but on separate paths,” she says. “You can admire your partner’s independent journey and still reach across and hold hands as you travel together.”

“People are most happy in a relationship when they are happy with themselves”

“Understanding that sometimes your partner just sees things differently than you do is a key to having a great relationship.”

Treating your lover like your friend — can go a long way in making your relationship feel like a healthy and happy one

A lot of people say that happiness is a choice. This doesn’t mean waking up one day and commanding yourself to be happy — it’s about doing the things you know that make you happy. “I think this is all about choice, choice to be happy, or choice to be miserable.”

Don’t try to control things in your relationship, and instead choose happiness

The most important choice we make is to let go of the things that we do not have control over and focus on the things we do

“Whether or not you’re in a happy relationship, you can make it much, much better simply by expressing gratitude in your love life.”

“If you keep each other informed of both the good things and the problems on a regular basis, nothing will get out of hand or become too dramatic to solve easily”

“If you’re not changing, you’re not growing,”

“Continue to keep the lines communication open, date and maintain a good friendship.”

Expressing love to be the fertilizer that makes the relationship bloom.