It’s a long day with troubles in business. All about soft skill & communication.
I still angry with stupid things… althought I tried to calm down.

Tonight I thought it like almost night so I called him to date after a stressful day. I heard his voice seem to be tired, I asked him, but he said he OK. So I dont worry althougth I felt inconstant. Our situation was quite stress & not happy like normal. He told me that he hasn’t got a long time for English contest. He must try to learn & hasn’t time for resting. In that moment, I feel he is going to far away from me… I felt everything stand by… In my deep soul, I really want him pass the contest. But I afraid I will lost him… I just want he pass but I hope that he has another plan instead of foreign studying – a plan that he has a real business & I was in a part …